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We're excited that Christmas is around the corner and we're sure that you are too. To make sure you can count down those days with ease, why not try this beautiful application that quickly and easily shows you how few days you have to wait.

This app is simple and effective with beautiful snow and jingle sound effect when you shake your phone.

Go on, you know you want to download!



Winner of the first place prize in the 2010 Holiday App Award’s Best mobile Christmas tool category by ComboApp Marketing & Publishing Agency.

What's in the latest update (1.1)

Tilt the phone and see the snow react. Also added the ability to turn off the shake to jingle function in case it gets annoying and you can now play a warming Christmas song to get you into the festive mood.

What's in the latest update (1.2)

In the latest full version, you can now set the application to alert you each day as to how many days there are until Christmas. It will also set the application badge (the little red number on the icon) so that you can quickly see the number of days until Christmas without even needing to open the application.

What's in the latest update (2.0)

Updated with hi res graphics, new parallax scrolling of the Christmas background, and subtle animations in the graphics.

What's in the latest update (2.1)

Updated to put the shake to jingle feature back in. Apologies for losing that.

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